Disable phalcon for specific urls?


So what I'm doing, is I'm running a custom wordpress installation as a sort of backend for my webapp. I have set up phalcon for my website and it works just fine integrated with Wordpress. However I would like to disable phalcon for a few URLs such as the login URL and the wp-admin URL. Because right now, it gives me an error because it cannot load that view if that makes sense.

Write rule in nginx. What is the problem? like someone urls for index.php - wordress another for phalcon.php

If you're running Apache, you need to make your wordpress directory an exception in your .htaccess file. mod_rewrite is capturing requests for your wordpress URLs, and forwarding them because it things they are requests for your Phalcon application. Putting in an exception (or rather a condition that tells the rule to NOT apply if the condition matches), will fix this.

nginx has similar functionality, but I don't know it exactly.