Set script tag id using assets?

I'm trying to implement some fancy (frontend) framework where the developer decided to make the whole bloody thing dependant on the javscript tag having a specific id (WTF!?). This make me have to bend Phalcon to allow me to somehow pass in parameters in my assets management routines, like:

$this->assets->addJs( "path/to/file.js", array( "id" => "unique-js-id") ); or $this->assets->addJs( "path/to/file.js", { "id" : "unique-js-id"} );

Can this be done in some »standard« way?


I'd replace the js file with a PHP one, and send the js file over it, especially if its content is diffirent according to the id.

I found your question when searching how to do this, so I had to find out myself :

$this->assets->addJs( "path/to/file.js", true, false,  array( "id" => "unique-js-id") );
{% for resource in assets.collection('footer') %}
   {{ javascript_include( [ 'src' : resource.getPath(), 'type' : 'text/javascript', 'id' : resource.getAttributes()['id']  ]  )  }}
{% endfor %}