What large scale projects are using Phalcon?

Hi, I'm pitching to get Phalcon adopted for a large scale platform & I wonder if its being used for any really large projects. I could not see any info on phalcon.io about projects using Phalcon at scale.

Can anyone offer info on big projects using it and what limits are possible in terms of concurrency and requests/sec?

Need a bit more information: What do you consider large scale? Can they use caching (memcache, varnish) to manage more requests than just Phalcon?

For example, Drupal on its own is not that effecient, but with Varnish and memcache, I've seen Drupal sites run millions of pageviews/day firsthand. So limits are going to come from your PHP code, not really from the framework.

Yes, I agree that my question is very general and scale can mean many things. At present we use Redis for backend caching but are not utilising a tool such as Varnish for ESI style caching, only Nginx and CDN for static assets.

I suppose what I was really asking was which public and well known sites (in Australia or USA) are using Phalcon (if any) to assist convincing "management" that it works in the wild. To give example well known sites using Phalcon, will make it easier to convince them.

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Im using Phalcon (multi module) for Car insurance management, classified...

Hi Tim,

We're not well known in USA / Australia, but Voyage Privé Group (http://www.voyageprive.com) is a French enterprise with 6 subsidiaries (UK, Spain, Italiy, Poland and Brazil) working in travel industries. We're using phalcon for our website and are migrating our booking process in this technology.

If you want more info, feel free to ask by email : ogarbe at voyageprive . com