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compatibility layer for shared hostings?


I'm new to phalcon and I find it great from small to big projects and I find it excelent for my next project, but the only thing that concerns me are shared hostings. I found some solutions around, but lets face it that are not easy to implement by everyone and won't work on all shared servers. There is any plan for a compatibility layer for shared hostings or the extension to be added in cpanel? I know that the performance might go down a lot with a compatibility layer, but that won't be a problem for small clients with a small number of visitors.

Thank you



I think that shared hostings are not target for Phalcon and other Phalcon - like projects. Adding compatibility layer for shared hostings will take devs time to implement other features that are more important than that.

If there is a way to include compiled Phalcon by shared hosting then why not? Any shared hosting provider can add Phalcon support for its users.

Also if you point in small clients with small number of visitors then there is on need in Phalcon ;)

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well, a small client with a small number of visitors, eventually will get to a point where it grows and his needs also grow. Scalability is important these days and I'm glad to see that Phalcon is taking this in to consideration. But still the shared hostings can't be ignored since are a big player, expecially when you want to sell a product to a wide range of clients and to be able to offer same performace even to big clients.

As I see cpanel don't really bother to add Phalcon in their list of extensions and hosting companies are not so excited about adding new extensions for their shared hosting. I was hopping that maybe Phalcon team has something planned, is working on a compatibility layer or have a real solution.

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I've been working on a compatibility layer since March. Feel free to contribute! https://github.com/scento/phalcon-php