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Best way to create a dashboard?

Hello Guys. Ok I wrote my application. Now it's time to build some dashboard screens.

I want to create a controller: index/dashboard.

and include the modules, like:

include dashboard/gfx1/2014-01 include dashboard/gfx2/2014-01 include dashboard/table1/2014-01/$d/$e

How can I do that? I know I can do this in one page, one controller. But is much better to separate functions and views.

If you have the DashboardController then you can have different views depending on what areas you want to present. So you could have an action that handles the gfxX Uri parameter one that handles the table1 parameter etc.

You can set all those in your routes and then the action would have some sort of loading mechanism or logic to present the data you need as per your application.

You can also use the pick() function in the view layer to pick a volt/phtml file that you wish to show content.