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Session shared between two Phalcon applications

I have two Phalcon projects on my WAMP Server in the www folder:



I'm using the phalcon session bag service to manage users session I used the same service name in these two apps:

//same code for the app1 and app2
$dependencyInjector->set('userSession', function(){

    return new \Phalcon\Session\Bag('user');


But It seems that this session is shared between these two apps. When I login with the app1, I found myself logged in the app2 !

Is that a bug from Phalcon or because it's the same domain name (https://localhost) so the browser use the same cookie/session ?

You're using the same namepsace for both applications, so of course the session will be shared. If you want the session data to be separate, use a different bag namespace.


Yes, its because you are using the same domain. You have a cookie in your browser that specifies the session id. Cookies have a domain parameter and you can also specify a cookie to share a domain by using .mysite.com instead of mysite.com. But yes you will (should) only have one session id for all apps on localhost. See here: