getting message "locked is required" back when saving model


I am just starting with Phalcon. I have created a simple model called "Reminders" which is mapped to a MySQL table reminders. A reminder has quite a few parameters including id, accout, type, and much more.

I am trying to build a simple REST API to add reminders to my table.

For adding a reminder I am using this route:

$app->post('/api/reminders/add/{type}', function($type) use ($app) {
    $reminder       = new Reminders();
    $reminder->type = $type;
    $reminder->account = 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab';
    $reminder->id = 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn';
    $reminder->recurrence_type = '1';

    if ($reminder->save() == false) {
        echo "Umh, We can't store reminders right now: \n";
        foreach ($reminder->getMessages() as $message) {
            echo $message, ".\n";
    } else {
        echo "Great, a new reminder was saved successfully!";

Unfortunately when I am doing a POST The reminder is not added to the DB and I am getting:

Umh, We can't store reminders right now: locked is required.

Can anyone tell me what is "locked is required." ? how can I resolve this issue?

For info Reminders.php, looks like this:


use Phalcon\Mvc\Model,

class Reminders extends Model

    public $id;
    public $account;
    public $type;   
    public $activated;
    public $deleted;
    public $to;
    public $from;
    public $replyto;
    public $title;
    public $subject;
    public $body;
    public $cc;
    public $bcc;        

    public function initialize()
        $this->setSource("reminders"); // set correponding MySQL table 

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Looking at the DB structure on MySQL, there is indeed a filed called "Locked" which needs to be set. So I added this in the parameters and this solved the issue.

Another question: Some fileds in the DB have default values, but when I use the above code there are set to NULL in the DB instead to these default values. I thought the code above will simply at the end execute an INSERT on the DB (which noramlly sets the default values). Am I doing something wrong?

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There are 2 ways you can solve your second issue.

First method: Tell Phalcon to use the default database value in your model by adding a new function within your model.

public function beforeValidationOnCreate()
    $this->my_field = new RawValue('default');
    // do this for each field that has a default value

Or the second method: Tell Phalcon to ignore these fields when doing an insert by adding some more lines to your initialize.

public function initialize()
        $this->setSource("reminders"); // set correponding MySQL table 
        $this->skipAttributesOnCreate(array('my_field', 'my_field2', 'my_field3'));

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Thanks for the tip.

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