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How to get rid of this error

Hi i use {{ uri.getBaseUri }} on my volt file. it work but Notice appear.

Notice: Undefined property: Phalcon\Mvc\Url::$getBaseUri in E:\wamp\www\kevin\phalcon\anotherphalcontest\app\cache\e__wamp_www_kevin_phalcon_anotherphalcontest_app_views_index_index.volt.php on line 2

here's my view/index/index.volt code:

{{ link_to(url.getBaseUri ~ "index/input", "Add") }}

my indexController.php code:


class IndexController extends ControllerBase

    public function indexAction()


    public function inputAction() {


    public function listAction() {


    public function addNewAction() {
        $a = new Users();
        //echo $this->request->getPost("name") . " " . $this->request->getPost("email");
        $a->name = $this->request->getPost("name");
        $a->email = $this->request->getPost("email");

where do i define this Phalcon\Mvc\Url::$getBaseUri

i know changing error_reporting(0) on index.php can remove this error. but i want to know if theres a proper way to do it. thanks in advance

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When using functions in volt use the () like a regular function.

{{ url.getBaseUri() }}

thanks sir but this is not working

What error are you getting now then?

Try: {{ url.getBaseUri() }}

this works for me

{{ link_to(uri.getBaseUri() ~ "index/input", "Add New") }}

Fatal error: Call to a member function getBaseUri() on a non-object in E:\wamp\www\kevin\phalcon\anotherphalcontest\app\cache\e__wamp_www_kevin_phalcon_anotherphalcontest_app_views_index_list.volt.php on line 15 Call Stack

You are using URI, you should be using URL.

Like this:

{{ url.getBaseUri() }}

ow i see. i use uri.getBaseUri() not url.getBaseUri()

its url not uri


haha on my screen it same letters wtf. i think i need to calibrate my graphics. thanks

Out of topic:

how did you do that code block you did on your first comment ?

can you accept the answer?


   require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

3 backticks, php and ending with 3 backticks.

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php <?php echo "thank you"; ?>

nvm.. haha thank you


@besingamkb this forum use markdown, find here and you can play with it.

or this one maybe

@sum nice info. thanks