Table Data Binding Problems

In general speaking, if we have a table A's FK to a table B's PK, .NET have functions to auto binding a comboxing with DataGrid. say table A is a customer table and table B is a product table, customer is to purchase many products now. How can I show table A and with some columns in table B, as Phalcon's scaffold is just can one to one binding but no FK binding too.

Name Mobile ProductID
John 444444 1001
Sally 444444 1001
Tim 444444 1002
Louis 445333 1003

ID Name
1001 Apple
1002 Orange
1003 Book

So I want to show in table that:
Name Mobile Product
John 444444 Apple
Sally 444444 Apple
Tim 444444 Orange
Louis 445333 Book

How can I do it?


Check out and and see where that gets you.

Seems like you can just update your models with the details of the table relationships, and you'll be good to go.