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concurrence in mysql with phalcon

i'm inserting records in a MySQL database that depend from a previus record, the thing is that when i try to insert records at the same time from different computers it goes crazy

I read about concurrence or transactions but I don't understand how to use it

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this is an example

I have this record saved on cars: 3, 5, 6,7,8 (which represent the position and the numbers of the cars, example: 3 comes first, 5 second, 6 third, ...)

and I have to bet on wich car is going to win against another, like this

5 over 3 (car number 5 will defeat number 3)

and i have to update the status of the old record to status=0

and save the new record on cars will be: 5,3,6,7,8 (cause of the bet 5 becomes the first place and 3 becomes the second, the other remains in the same position)

but if i try to do it from different computers at the same time, for example

i have this record 3,5,6,7,8

i bet from computer 1: 5 over 3

coputer 2: 6over 3

computer 3: 8 over 3

the new record becomes something like this 6,3,3,7,3 when it sould be (5,3,6,7,8 or 6,5,3,7,8 or 8,5,6,7,3)

depending on which is the first bet accepted by the game

this is a project for the university and its making me crazy

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You can use transactions to save the whole set of records avoiding other processes to take consecutives from the table at the same time as a process that already started.



class RobotsController extends Phalcon\Mvc\Controller
    public function saveAction()
        $this->db->begin(); // start a transaction

        $robot = new Robots(); //create a robot

        $robot->name = "WALL·E";
        $robot->created_at = date("Y-m-d");
        if ($robot->save() == false) {

        $robotPart = new RobotParts(); // create robot parts
        $robotPart->robots_id = $robot->id;
        $robotPart->type = "head";
        if ($robotPart->save() == false) {

        $this->db->commit(); // commit transaction to database