Build Phalcon for HHVM?

HHVM has a Zend Extension comp layer which might be able to support Phalcon's building. @Phalcon team, any opinion?

Hi, @Bruno How many percents of people in comunity use hhvm? <= 0.1%. Yeap it is an interesting task to support this but i think it is not priority.

From what I read there has to be some adjustments to make HHVM understand Phalcon and compile it.

I really don't think that we have the resources at the moment to address this. But, we could do something when 2.0 is out. Perhaps add some sort of flag to Zephir to generate HHVM compatible code...

Bruno, can you add an issue on the tracker for this please?

edited Oct '14

Thank you Sir!

My pleasure!

Out of curiosity, I created a repo to play around with this idea. No! As I point out in the README, I am not a C developer nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. But I have actually managed to get some of the simplier tasks done. I have also spotted a thing or two that has me scratching my head as far as how to work around them, such as: 'phalcon.c' includes Zend/zend_builtin_functions.h and Zend/zend_closures.h for string and array manipulations and such. But I have yet to find the HHVM\Zend equivilant to include in their place. I am plaining on posting Issue's for such things like I just listed.

If nothing else, maybe it will keep the discussion going. Either way, it's there. Nothing special. Other than that, I am learning a ton of stuff that I would not have any other way. Hence the reason I am not posting this in the Issue @Swader started on Github. If this repo proves itself in anyway as an asset for this project/idea, at some point, then someone can link to it then.