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Phalcon Controller's action is not working properly

I have downloaded Phalcon Skeleton and upload into my site and it working fine and display the page with

"Congratulations! You're now flying with Phalcon."

which mean the IndexController.php is load and working fine, even I try to pass the variable through $this->view->setVar('$var', 'Hello World') to display on /app/views/index/index.phtml.

the problem is when I try to access the another action ex: TestAction in IndexController.php it show me the 404 Page Not Found!

I'm pretty sure that all my configs and .htaccess are correct and all the same with which also use Phalcon framework with same hosting

p.s apologize for my poor English..


well you should notice that phalcon doesn't act like codeigniter style ... wha i mean is that you need to tell phalcon about the new function add it into the routes or use addnotations