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Phalcon Controller's action is not working properly

I have downloaded Phalcon Skeleton and upload into my site https://www.returnquick.com/rqadmin and it working fine and display the page with

"Congratulations! You're now flying with Phalcon."

which mean the IndexController.php is load and working fine, even I try to pass the variable through $this->view->setVar('$var', 'Hello World') to display on /app/views/index/index.phtml.

the problem is when I try to access the another action ex: TestAction in IndexController.php it show me the 404 Page Not Found!

I'm pretty sure that all my configs and .htaccess are correct and all the same with https://returnquick.com/demo which also use Phalcon framework with same hosting

p.s apologize for my poor English..


well you should notice that phalcon doesn't act like codeigniter style ... wha i mean is that you need to tell phalcon about the new function add it into the routes or use addnotations