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1.3.2 - Phalcon\Http\Client\Adapter\Curl


i've seen that there is a Http Client Adapter now in phalcon 1.3.2 : Phalcon\Http\Client\Adapter\Curl

We use https://github.com/phalcon/incubator/blob/1.3.0/Library/Phalcon/Http/Client/Provider/Curl.php, is there a lot of differences to use it ?


i am unavailable to find this api i 1.3.0 version, i think 1.3.2 should have it, but i found no windows VC package to download.

edited Jun '14

could you use it in 1.3.2?

in Windows DLLs version 1.3.2 this class has no added, I informed about this here: https://blog.phalcon.io/post/88382352950/phalcon-1-3-2-released#comment-1431642622


I have to apologize about this guys. That message was from the pull request for the incubator and mistakenly ended up with the main changelog.

You can use this from the incubator repo but it is not yet part of the core.

Is this Client functionality going to be included in Phalcon core any time soon, or 2.0 perhaps? I love Phalcon very much, but not having a core class to handle simple functionality like get/post requests to other servers is frustrating. There are frequent times where I need my application to post some data to an external service.

Please consider adding in this functionality to the upcoming version of Phalcon so we don't have to install (and keep track of) these incubator tools.

Any news about the component?