So, I just started playing with Codeception this morning. I was not using a normal project structure, per say, but simple static files. I was only doing Acceptence Tests, so... again, just playing around and getting to know things. Pretty cool!

Well, tonight, I wanted to write some Acceptance Tests for the Phalcon version of my blog and ran into issues right off.

My acceptance.suite.yml looks like this -

class_name: AcceptanceTester
        - PhpBrowser
        - AcceptanceHelper
            url: ''

note that I have set the projects url

The simple test that I am trying to start with is as follows -

$I = new AcceptanceTester($scenario);
$I->wantTo('ensure the home page is available to view');
$I->see('Unisys12', '<h1>');

But when I try to run my single acceptance tests, I get a Guzzle / cURL error : "name lookup timed out". Basically, it cannot find

FYI - I am using Vaprobash for my Vagrant enviroments, but installed Codeception using wget since there were some issues wiht provisioning in Vaprobash itself. Either way, it worked fine this morning on my static site example.I am running the tests while ssh'd in the server and the site open in the browser.

Any suggestions?