Correct places for various contents (Forum, StackOverflow, GitHub)

I suggest following restriction for the forum:

  • Technical question should be posted to stackoverflow: This yield some important advantages.
  • Bugs and NFR should be posted to Github.
  • All other content (discussions, ...) should be posted here.

What is your idea?

That would be the ideal scenario to be honest. However some people want to ask a question in the forum and nobody can stop them. Also people do post NFRs here as well as bugs. All we can do is politely point them to the right direction while answering the question.

What I would love to see is whoever reports a bug, does so in Github Issues and also submits a pull request with a failing test. This allows our test suite to grow, reduces future errors and helps us identify the problem area :)


I think a close feature like SE could be useful here to prevent off-topic posts. Also the the issue should be announced to user while they try to send any content to the forum.