Invo application not working

Hi everyone,

I am new to Phalcon and I decided to try the Invo sample application ( However when I unzipped it into htdocs and tried to load it in the browser I get a page with no css at all, just text and the links are not working. There must be something wrong with my phalcon configuration even though when write "phalcon commands" in the cmd it shows it is working. It also shows in the php info. I read some suggestions on the web and mod rewrite is enabled. I have set the AllowOverride to ALL in httpd.conf in xampp\apache\conf. This is what I got there for the directory:

<Directory "E:/xampp/cgi-bin"> AllowOverride All Options None Require all granted </Directory>

Should I add something for htdocs as well as the project is in it?

Any advice will be much appreciated!


have you tried direct access to public directoy? http://localhost/invo/public