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currently dispatching route name

I use custom routes which include namespace besides controller and action. So for ACL purposes I use MVC route name as ACL resource name. Now I need to obtain currently DISPATCHING route name. The only solution I've come up with is to get namespace/controller/action from Dispatcher and iterating over all the routes find an appropriate one.

Is there any easiest way to obtain currently dispatching (not just matched) route name?

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Here is my config:

$router->add('/admin/:controller/:action', array(
            'controller' => 1,
            'action' => 2,
            'template' => "admin",

and in the controller I can get the template param:

$template = $this->dispatcher->getParam("template");


Hm, so if you can't easily obtain route name let's do not use it? No, this is lame!


+1 for add getActiveRouteName.

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echo $di->get('router')->getMatchedRoute()->getName()


thx Boston! You a my hero!


Well, Boston, you completely missed the point. Not MATCHING route (everyone can read manual, lol), but DISPATCHING. There's a huge difference!


dV, I use on beforeExecuteRoute, and it help for me. Can you please explain the difference?

@dV this is not possible, the dispatcher does not know about routing. And action may be caused by a dispatcher->forward.


@boston Well, it's possible to obtain currently dispatching route name by iterating through all the routes and compare route controller/action against current controller/action (taken from dispatcher).

@xAockd It's useful when you don't want to make an http redirect but instead make an inner redirect, e.g. dispatch another controller/action. For instance I use it in Security plugin on beforeDispatch to substitute current page with user login page (if it's needed). In other words I display login form without making an HTTP redirect.