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Phalcon Dev Tool is not working on Windows 7 x64?

Good day! I'm new Phalcon and I do have a problem on how to fix the error returned by the console. It always tell me that the syntax of the command is incorrect

I'm running a Windows 7 x64 OS with XAMPP as my web stack. On it is a PHP 5.5.9 with MSVC11 compiler and an x86 architecture. I followed the proceedures in installing the framework and the PDT on the Document page. I followed detailed instructions on the doc pages but it seems that Phalcon won't run


Are you trying to run a 64bit Phalcon within a 32bit XAMPP per chance?


Plus I believe the PHP 5.5.0 is the most recent version that phalcon is compiled for. This may also be causing a problem.

I'm running a 32bit XAMPP with 32bit Phalcon On it. I Also just upgraded my PHP from 5.4

Dm I need to downgrade my versions?


When I had problems I used a second installation of WAMP (what I use) in an alternative installation folder until I got it right. Yes I would match the PHP versions; you want to take that issue out of the frame.


Some problem here, using PHP 5.5.12. Someone can confirm if phalcon can run on this version?

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got the same problem I am using lastest wamp with php 5.5.12 and Phalcon 1.3.3 - Windows x64 for PHP 5.5.0 (VC11)