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Difference between V1 and V2

Just curious, what's the difference of Phalcon 1.x and 2.x ?

edited Jun '14

Just beginning,

"Phalcon 2 will be mostly written in Zephir, a high performance language, intended to ease the creation and maintainability of PHP extensions. You will not need to install additional software for Phalcon 2. You will however be able to contribute to Phalcon 2 or even write your own extensions."


"Phalcon 2.0 alpha released, this is time for updating your point “The biggest problem I can see with C based frameworks is that there is no direct access to the source code.”. Because Phalcon 2.0 has been rewriting in new language Zephir. It’s no-barriers for us to dig in to the source code any more ^^. Thank you for your post."



Hi, thanks for the answer, but i meant the different of code, eg: the code exists on v1 but not on v2