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When I register a user in Vokuro, I get a blank page?

I've got Vokuro up and running on localhost. All is well, apart from when registering a new user I get a blank page. When I reload that blank page (resending form data), I get a message: That user i already registered. When I try to login, I get a message: The user is inactive.

So I guess that I'm supposed to be able so somehow confirm my e-mail after registering, and thereby activate the user, but now I just seem screwed. How can I fix the Vokuro app?


Did you set up the email settings?


Because the function of swiftmailler diskkeycache


The same thing happens to me and I used compososer to install the dependencies. I also updated the config.php to use my localhost smtp server. I just get a blank page..no error so it's pretty hard to debug.


I had this problem and I found from the apache logs that app/library/mail/mail.php was configured to use AmazonSES by default. You have to set protected $directSmtp = true; on line 20. Maybe there is a way to set that in the config file but no example was given. So does anyone know if there is a way to set that in the config?