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Looking for a developer

Hello all, Awesome job on Phalcon. It's awseome. I've used it on a few side projects and it's amazing.

I'm working on a funded startup and am looking for a developer to help me with implemention. I can't say a lot about what we are building due to NDA's but it's an CrowdSource based business aimed at enterprise markets.

We have a very tight timeline and are looking to onboard a develeoper who is self motivated and has experience in developing enterprise systems on PHP and preferable with Phalcon experience.

We have money but very little time. I can't do this alone with our deadline. If you are interested in being part of a cutting edge start up using a cutting edge PHP framework please let me know.

Yes, I'm am considering using Phalcon2 as using Zephir would be hella awesome!


Hey @Neil

Can you explain details clearly or provide information about jobs

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Thanks for the reply.

I'm a partner in a startup where we are making a CrowdSourcing tool for enterprise companies. The high level concept is to allow companies to leverage their internal crowd. We are locating in Indianapolis, IN.

The application will SASS based with no public facing presence (besides a marketing site). Phalcon is being used for the primary application. Our first client has 250 active users and the second client has 400 active users. We expected to have ~8000 active users by the end of the year. The application will be highly configurable multi-tenant system.

The primary goals of the application include

  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Customizability (per-tenant options)
  • Integration with external systems
  • Simple

Technologies and features

  • Phalcon with Zephir used when appropriate.
  • We haven't decided on hosting yet but are leaning toward Heroku or AWS ()
  • Most likely MySQL
  • Redis
  • Queuing System (possible Redis or SQS)
  • Detail Analytics (mostly likely external system)
  • Highly Configurable per tenant/organization.

I have two contract position available for PHP Developers

  • Start work within the next 2 weeks
  • Primary backend PHP development
  • Remote Allowed
  • Number of hours per week is flexible.
  • PHP experience required, Phalcon experience preferred, Zephir experience a bonus.
  • Experience with large scale apps is preferred.

You can contact me at [email protected] if you are intersted. Please send Resume and any relavant experience.


is still available the offer ?

Yes, I am still looking for developers. Please email your resume and any relvant experince to [email protected]