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How can i use phalcon php since our IT admin blocked everything on us to install application

Hi guys, I'm new to phalcon and I found out that it's a very amazing and powerful framework but the only thing is that I cannot install application, I cannot access cmd(command promt), because our IT admin restrict us on those access. Is there anyway I can use Phalcon??

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if you're on unix, no. You have to ask your admin to install phalcon, if you're on windows and you are a limited user then you need 'hard work' ;-) to install it

correct me if i wrong

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Please provide some details of your environment, which platform, do you have ftp access, can you create / edit .htaccess or copy phalcon "dll" or "so" file to the server etc.

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Thanks for your replies guys anyway, I'm using Windows Vista, yes I do have FTP access.

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You didn't mention the webserver - I assume Wamp or Xampp. See these links they should help you. I used them to setup Phalcon on a shared hosting webserver without any shell access or rights. I just had CPanel access as a normal user:

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thnks a lot, thats really a big help to a new phalcon user like me, cheers..