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Phalcon Incubator won't install

Following the instructions here:

I am having an issue trying to get incubator installed. I have version 1.3.2 as shown by:

echo phpversion( "phalcon" );

And it shows up in my phpinfo() as well.

When I got to try and install I get this error:

Problem 1

  • Installation request for phalcon/incubator dev-master -> satisfiable by phalcon/incubator[dev-master].
  • phalcon/incubator dev-master requires ext-phalcon >=1.2.4,<2 -> the requested PHP extension phalcon is missing from your system.

My composer.json looks like this:

{ "require": { "phalcon/incubator": "dev-master" } }

Yes, I've restarted nginx and php5-fpm, in fact I think I've done everything including a server restart to try and get this working. (yes I also updated composer with self-update..)

Please help, I've googled and searched my times for a solution to this problem and the only thing I can think of is incubator isn't updated for the newest version of Phalcon (1.3.2). If this version isn't supported is there progress on an updated version?

Thanks a lot.


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I did all this. Phalcon works, I just can't install incubator. Not to sound rude but did you read my post? Just to follow up I have the extension installed and activated,

How does this make any sense. The phalcon extension shows up with:

echo phpversion( "phalcon" );

and in my


But doesnt show up in:

$ php -m

at command-line..

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Strange, I had it activated and installed then linked in this directory:


However, it looks like there needed to be a symlink in the cli directory as well:

sudo ln -s /etc/php5/mods-available/phalcon.ini /etc/php5/cli/conf.d/21-phalcon.ini

I restart and everything is fine now :D

Hopefully this can solve someone elses headache, if they also have the php5-cli package installed.

Yes, I had the same problem and was looking for answers. The problem is that composer is running from the command line (php-cli) and I did not have the phalcon extension in the php-cli ini file. My setup is WAMP Server 2.4 on windows, and the php.ini resides in the apache bin directory, and the php.ini for cli is in the php bin directory. If you have two files as in my case, you need to add the phalcon extension to both.