Compile phalcon on a different machine than production server


I'm considering moving all my websites, hosted on different dedicated servers, to a full hosting on VPS's. Some of my websites are build with phalcon. I already got a VPS with all the developpement/build libraries where I've build php extension.

Assuming that all other VPS's will be the same (architecture, linux distro and so on), do I have to copy only in the php5 library dir or are there other files to copy ?


Yes, if the architecture, os and php version is the same you can freely copy the from one server to another.

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or if you know how to make a rpm or deb package you can install them manually with dpkg or rpm.

You can follow these steps ...

for RPM for deb


@phalcon: thank you, I will give it a try.

@guneshamet: why not, it doesn't look so complicated.

was just advice and i know @phalcon said easiest way. But rpm and deb package is universal.