Web Tools Configuration Problems

Hi all,

I try use the Web Interface of Phalcon Web Tools.

I created the project with this command

phalcon create-project foo --enable-webtools

I see my tables when I try create a model however I get this error

Database configuration cannot be loaded from your config file

and when i try create a scaffold I get this error

Builder doesn't knows where is the models directory

this is the config.php file


return new \Phalcon\Config(array( 'database' => array( 'adapter' => 'Mysql', 'host' => 'localhost', 'username' => 'root', 'password' => 'MYPASS', 'dbname' => 'test_db', ), 'application' => array( 'controllersDir' => DIR . '/../../app/controllers/', 'modelsDir' => DIR . '/../../app/models/', 'viewsDir' => DIR . '/../../app/views/', 'pluginsDir' => DIR . '/../../app/plugins/', 'libraryDir' => DIR . '/../../app/library/', 'cacheDir' => DIR . '/../../app/cache/', 'baseUri' => '/foo/', ) ));


Maybe you are using a non-standard port for the database (for example MAMP uses 8889?

You can add the 'port' => 8889 (for example) to see if it works.

no, it's not the case