How to compile my windows dll from the github code?

Hi, is there any tutorial on how to compile the PhalconPHP for

I need compile version 1.3.3 (which is unfortunately still in alfa) for this configuration of mine:

Windows 32-bit

PHP 5.4


I have Visual Studio 12 Express installed on my computer if it helps.

Btw. my Windows 7 installation is 64-bit. Would I be able to compile 32-bit (x86) dll via VS12 ? because my WAMP is 32-bit and not 64-bit

edited Jul '14

Any idea? For now I have to use the old 1.2.6 Phalcon dll, because the latest compiled dll for my configuration contain hash functions that are not working as mentioned here:

But I would like to use the alpha 1.3.3 version. Any idea how to compile that by myself? Or did somebody compiled it for Windows 32-bit, PHP 5.4, TS already?