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migration run


My phalcon version 1.3.2 ALPHA 1

using dev-tool I have created a migration using the following command:

phalcon migration generate

hence I got a new directory as following: migrations 1.0.0

however when my collegues try to run

phalcon migration run

they are not able to get the new changes they also run

phalcon migration run --force


phalcon migration run --version=1.0.0 --migrations=app/migrations


Could you please check if there is a directory called .phalcon and which files does it contain?

edited Jul '14

[ Resolved ]

I manage to resolve it, inside .phalcon/migration-version there was the migration version I already run, so when I commit it and push it to my colleuges, they got it, hence when they tried to run $ phalcon migration run, it has not effect, so when they removed the version from .phalcon/migration-version, it successfully run.

To avoid such problem again I have added .phalcon/ to .gitignore.