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Tutorial on how to compile Phalcon dll

Please, where can I find some tutorial on how to compile the 1.3.3 alpha windows 32-bit php 5.4 TS dll of Phalcon? or any phalcon dll in general?

Could it be done via Visual Studio 2012 Express?


Could anybody give me at least some idea how to do that. I need to compile 1.3.3 for Windows 32-bit php 5.4 TS and nobody want to do it for me, so i need to do it myself, I guess. How to do that?

Could it be done by importing the project from github to Visual Studio 2012 and compile it to dll from there?


Have a look at this

Before you start compiling you will need to create a phalcon folder in the ext/ one and drop the files from the build folder of the project (github repo).

After that your DLLs will be compiled the exact same way as we compile them for the download page of the project



Tahnk you for the link, I will try to compile it following the instructions there.