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Wanted: Phalcon Developer in The Netherlands

All the usual skills (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS, etc) plus Phalcon.

Would you like to use your Phalcon skills fulltime at Zoover/Meteovista?

Full details (in Dutch) are here:


Is part-time developer accepted? Thanks.

How many hours per week?

how many hours do you need?

We would prefer someone who works full time, but can accept 32 hours per week.

And it has to be on-site.

Thanks. But I am not okay.


job is only for Netherland ? I'm from Romania, i can work remote

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Sorry for the delay, but I was on holiday. I'm afraid the position is only in the Netherlands. If we could work remote, I would be somewhere else in a heartbeat ;-).

Hello i'm a developer since 1.0 and have 5 years of experience , you can view my work and contact me in[ www.hudsonnicoletti.com](https:// www.hudsonnicoletti.com)