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Problems with Controllers

I just don't know why I can't access my Controllers via URL. Even index (but this one works if I only put my server's URL, you know, the searched Controller by default). I've rewrite mod activaded and .htaccess. I'm missing something?

edited Jul '14

How is your loader set? registerNamespaces or by DIRs or how? If it is registered by namespaces you will need to define the default namespace in your router.

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Are you on Windows? Phalcon sometimes doesn't work properly on Windows. Especially the 32-bit PHP 5.4 Thread Safe dll branch is extremelly buggy. Are you using WAMP or XAMPP?


I've the bootstrap the same as the docs example (with directories), and I'm using Linux. I don't want my body picking something bad using Windows xD. I'm sure I'm leaving something important, but I cannot find what.


Oh shit, I forgotted to add AllowOverride All in apache2. But I'd to add it in apache2.conf, not in the virtual host (version 2.4.9)