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Phalcon 1.1.0 released!

After a series of betas, Phalcon 1.1 is finally with us! This release adds new functionality, fixing of bugs, improvement of the current components, improvements in performance and more! We’re every day looking for the best balance between a great performance and functionality, building a robust framework that performs exceptionally well!

Main features in this release were highlighted in the beta article. Summary of key features below:

  • QueryBuilder Paginator
  • Encryption component
  • Assets Management
  • Hostname routing
  • Cookies Management
  • Built-In Controllers support in Mvc\Micro applications
  • Improvements to the Forms Builder/Validation components
  • Oracle Database support (Thanks to Marcio Paiva)
  • Performance improvements for both PHP 5.3/5.4


Nice! :) Already using it since the first betas! ;)