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Tutorial 3: Creating a Simple REST API

Hi all, decided to give Phalcon a go and first impressions have been great, so been going through the tutorials and have got stuck on number 3.

So I was wondering if there is a complete working version of "Tutorial 3: Creating a Simple REST API" in a repository anywhere? What I want is to have a look at a version that is working so I can compare and figure out where I have gone wrong and if I havent I can debug from there.

Any help be great.




If you would have googled, the all mighty would have returned you https://github.com/cmoore4/phalcon-rest


Thanks for you reply Firstly yes I am aware of that thing called Google and well I had found that earlier, however if you read the question you will see that I am after a working version of the third tutorial found at tutorilal 3 , the link you posted was a REST Api, but was very different from the version in the tutorial.