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PhalconPHP vs other framework with PHP Caching

PhalconPHP is fast because it is written in C. But other frameworks can be cached into bytecode, like with opcache, and they run much faster than they normally would. Is phalconphp still faster than another framework running with opcache? And if so, by how much? Also can you use opcache with phalconphp on the php part?


Yeah because run native machine compiled code is the same as running cached bytecode in a virtual machine.


The bottleneck is in the files quantity loaded with or without opcaching, my tests with simple custom auth setup:

  • In Phalcon 1.3 (index,bootstrap,ControllerBase, IndexController) are 4 included files
  • In Slim 2.4 are 20 included files
  • In Cakephp 2.5 are 55 included files
  • In Silex 1.2 are 480 included files

hurrrrayyy Phalcon is still the fastest among them all...