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Why object returns me everything ?

Hi all

I made a query like that :

$selectSubcata = $this->modelsManager->createBuilder()
    ->where("parent_id = :parent_id:",array("parent_id" => $val['id']))
    ->andWhere("active = 1")
    ->orderBy("list_order ASC");

    $a = $selectSubcata->getQuery()->execute();

When I print out $a via print_r i got everyting on site include databases, translations etc. And when I include it on array it's so big and it will be cuz of slowness ?

How can I return only data ? and is there a hydrate array on modelsManager ?


When a resulset is print_r'd, it recursively prints references to objects that aren't part of the resulset such as the models manager, the DI etc. So seeing a big output does not mean the resulset actually have a big size or that it could make your application slow.

If you want to change the hydration mode, check this out:

I believe models have a dump() method that gives you just the relevant data for a model.