I had this crazy idea listening to an anoying song (that i started to like :)) ). So, I am proud to share with you the beta1 version of completely built with Phalcon. I am not promoting it just yet, because I need to fix some bugs. Also in parallel I try to work on android and iphone app that of course will use the api developed with Phalcon. The entire architecture + frontend + design is developed by me from A to Z. Other technology: mysql cluster, redis, nginx,, nodejs, gearman and more.

Feedbacks are very appreciated :) Cheers !


Great Job!

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Cases about user experience:

(1) Say I am on page "about" and I am using english language. Say I want to switch to Romana. When I choose this language I am navigated to home page. I think in terms of user experience we should be navigated to about page, to the page where are you now.

(2) In Romana language the text "But first, let me take a selfie" is not translated. In spanish it is.

(3) You need to fix some issues about "responsive web design". On small screens you need to scroll the screen left and right. I have tested it on my Laptop on chrome (by changing width of the window) and on Samsung Galaxy SIII on Chrome. I am talking about "sign in" and "register" form.

(4) When I am on register page I cannot navigate to "sign in" page without going back to home. Vice versa (from sign in to register).

Generaly speaking, awesome! ;) I am working on some saas software with android client as well. Wish you success!

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Thank you very much @Conradaek for your feedback. About the responsive web deign, I didn't spent too much on it, and probably I won't. When the phone apps will be launched, if you use a mobile device, you will be redirected to app store / play store.