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Is there any Code tracking software for phalcon?

Is there any Code tracking software for phalcon?


by code tracking you mean?


Yes,I want to see where defined the function .


But a simple IDE does the job right?

Lets say I have a function :

$someVariable = someFunction();

In Netbeans if I want to know where the function is defined, I simply Ctrl+Click on the "someFunction()" and it will show me. So that means you need intellisense/auto complete feature which is only available if you have phalcon dev tools for ide.

So here is the steps for setup

For Phalcon intellisense/ autocomplete setup with Netbeans or any IDE, download PHP-Dev tools from from here:


Note: the above tools have a folder called ide/1.3.2 . We need to map this directory to the IDE

Extract it to some directory. For Netbeans use the following steps:

Create a project in Netbeans or open phalcon php project Go to Properties of the project(by right click on the project)-> Include-> Add folder and map the directory upto


Thats it. Now all your classes/modules/functions etc... will be mapped and you can easily view them

Although the setup is for Netbeans I think it will work with any IDE.

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Yes, it works, thank you very much. But it does not work with volt syntax.

For instance: When I visit https://localhost/invo/

I guess phalcon operating prosess like this:

invo/.htaccess/public/.htaccess invo/app/IndexController.php->initialize()->indexAction()->views->index.volt->{{ content() }}->index/index.volt->{{ content() }}

.......I got lost.

There are many" {{ content() }}" , priority is vague.



<!DOCTYPE html> 
        <meta charset="utf-8">
        {{ get_title() }}
        {{ stylesheet_link('bootstrap/css/bootstrap.css') }}
        {{ stylesheet_link('bootstrap/css/bootstrap-responsive.css') }}
        {{ stylesheet_link('css/style.css') }}
        <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
        <meta name="description" content="Your invoices">
        <meta name="author" content="Phalcon Team">
        {{ content() }}
        {{ javascript_include('js/jquery.min.js') }}
        {{ javascript_include('bootstrap/js/bootstrap.js') }}
        {{ javascript_include('js/utils.js') }}
  1. app/views/index/index.volt

{{ content() }} 
<div class="hero-unit">
    <h1>Welcome to INVO</h1>
    <p>INVO is a revolutionary application to create invoices online for free.
    Receive online payments from your clients and improve your cash flow</p>
    <p>{{ link_to('session/register', 'Try it for Free &raquo;', 'class': 'btn btn-primary btn-large btn-success') }}</p>



app/views/index.volt is basically the generic volt file or lets say its the index.html file for a folder

{{ content() }} tag of app/views/index/index.volt is used say to the volt to put the following things inside the app/views/index.volt It replaces the {{ content() }} of app/views/index.volt with content of app/views/index/index.volt


For volt syntax highlighting, Netbeans does not highlight files other than PHP or HTML (if you installed it for PHP).

So add <?php tag at the top in a volt file and when you have completed your work remove the tag


Thank you,very much.You're very professional.


No problem. Happy to help.


If <?php tag doesnt work try this plugin: https://plugins.netbeans.org/plugin/37069/php-twig


All you have to do is Right click on any Volt file inside project explorer and Click on "Open As" .. Now choose Twig file .

Voila.. Its done.


Twig is a Syntax highlighting plugin for Netbeans IDE.And Highlighting is running.But by code tracking does not work no matter in php file or in html file.Thank you all the same.


I think a template file does not have a function defined in order to track the code. If you try changing opening volt file as PHP file then you will get links but it wont work because there is no associated code for it.


Yeah,that's a good job for some one to creat code tracking tool for volt.


Also Codelobster has special Phalcon plug-in.

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For working with .volt file in Netbeans 8.0.2 - i do this and helps me format my .volt files

Tools --> options -->(Choose Miscellaneous tab) --> (Choose Files tab) --> in File Association Section --> File Extension --> Click New --> Type volt --> for Associated File Type(Mime), Chooose HTML Files (text/html) --> OK --> Apply All .volt files should close automatically, if not close and reopen your .volt files and you must see html formatting applied to your volt file .