Is it possible volt syntax by code tracking in Netbeans IDE?

Hi guys,

Is it possible to use volt syntax by code tracking?

For instanceļ¼š When I visit http://localhost/invo/

I guess phalcon operating process like this:

invo/.htaccess/public/.htaccess invo/app/IndexController.php->initialize()->indexAction()->views->index.volt->{{ content() }}->index/index.volt->{{ content() }}

.......I got lost.

There are many" {{ content() }}" , priority is vague.

<!DOCTYPE html> 
        <meta charset="utf-8">
        {{ get_title() }}
        {{ stylesheet_link('bootstrap/css/bootstrap.css') }}
        {{ stylesheet_link('bootstrap/css/bootstrap-responsive.css') }}
        {{ stylesheet_link('css/style.css') }}
        <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
        <meta name="description" content="Your invoices">
        <meta name="author" content="Phalcon Team">
        {{ content() }}
        {{ javascript_include('js/jquery.min.js') }}
        {{ javascript_include('bootstrap/js/bootstrap.js') }}
        {{ javascript_include('js/utils.js') }}


{{ content() }} 
<div class="hero-unit">
    <h1>Welcome to INVO</h1>
    <p>INVO is a revolutionary application to create invoices online for free.
    Receive online payments from your clients and improve your cash flow</p>
    <p>{{ link_to('session/register', 'Try it for Free &raquo;', 'class': 'btn btn-primary btn-large btn-success') }}</p>


I was confused when I first started with Phalcon but as I understand it the View is processed as follows:

views/index.volt this will be processed before any other view, this should contain your layout for your pages such as a header/footer with {{ content() }} where the content from your controller view will be placed.

Then if you have an IndexController with an IndexAction the next view to be processed will be views/index/index.volt - the content from here will displayed where you put {{ content() }} in your views/index.volt. If you have an action in IndexController called PostAction this will use views/index/post.volt and so on.

If you have a controller named BlogController with an IndexAction the next view to be processed will be views/blog/index.volt and as above, the content will be displayed in your views/index.volt where you placed {{ content() }}

Hope this helps.


Thank you very much.Yes it helps a lot.