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Escape or replace on include

Hi all,

is there a way to escape during an include in Volt? I need to include a html snippet in a javascript variable context, so I need to escape all quotes or double quotes during include.

Thanks Gianluca

Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't PHP have this built in? addslashes() https://php.net/manual/en/function.addslashes.php


Hi Rewt0r,

thanks for the suggestion, can you please provide an example?


Can you provide your code and explain which bit you're trying to escape and I'll have a look...

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Ok, see below:

    function toggle(){
        $('#myContainer').html("{% include "inc.html" with ['var' : 'value'] %}");

I need the result of the include to be escaped... so basically i need to buffer it to escape!

I hope to have been more clear. Regards

edited Aug '14

I'm not sure whether you can add filters on an include but have you tried adding |slashes?

For example:

$('#myContainer').html("{% include "inc.html" with ['var' : 'value']|slashes %}");


Yes i tried everything but, as expected, none of these syntaxes worked:

{% include|slashes ".... 

{% include "........"|slashes 

{% (include "........")|slashes 

Your code is applying the filter to the input array intead of the buffer of the include. I think i need to implement a custom include volt function to accomplish this, using a stacked output buffer: essentially i've understood my request is beyond VOLT's limits since it's beyond PHP's, as there's no way to do what i need with the language include statement.

Yeah I hadn't tested, probably is best to add a function that's passed to volt that outputs the file contents with addslashes() applied.