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Amazing projects need amazing hands. We might not know you just yet, but we think you’d be a great fit for building a better web. Together, we’re ready to change the world! Here at Phalcon, we’re building a new generation framework for PHP, we want to give you an amazing performance while helping you to develop easy and fun.

We hope that you enjoy Phalcon as much as we do. Our doors are always open to receive your collaboration with the many things a project like this require!


I can help with writing the extension and unit-tests for it. But i don't know what are you doing now? What are you plan doing? Your priorities? Your ideas? Can you contact me via skype: igor.golovanov


Thanks for your help,

We are now working in the 1.2.0 version, based on the votes submitted by the community, our goal is completing these issues in the milestone: https://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon/issues?milestone=11&state=open