> 128 Days on Github (Zephir, Phalcon, Phalcon-skeleton, Lynx)

Hey everyone, My name is Dmitry. I started to write my personal blog for english community. First article is about Zephir, Phalcon, My skeleton for Phalcon, My First project on Zephir I think it would be interested for most of people on this forum.

Open source for me or 128 days on Github: http://en.dmtry.me/article/128-days-opensource/ See more details on my blog.

Write reviews, thanks for reading


My name is Andres. Open source to me started like 10 years ago, thousands of contributions and messages, probably millions of lines of code, what's the hardest part? work with people is not easy. Everyone has different needs and see things from different perspectives. Over the years I learned that my energy must be catalyzed in a positive way knowing that there are hundreds of obstacles and barriers to overcome even from people you expect they must help you out.

The whole community appreciates your contributions and give you thanks for your work.