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Memcache Start vs. Save

I am having some trouble trying to make a cacheableModel, when ever I try to save to cache (memcache), I get an error: "The cache must be started first"? My Frontend is Data, and the backend is memcache. Is there something I am not getting?

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This is the code in the Model, where I extend override findFirts()

public static function findFirst($params = null)
        $key = self::createKey($params);
        $di = Phalcon\Di::getDefault()->get('modelsCache');
        $cacheResults = $di->get($key);
        if (isset($cacheResults)) {
            return $cacheResults;
        $result = parent::findFirst($params);
        $di->save($key, $result);
        return $result;


Okay, I found the issue,

Other controllers were also extending this model, and createKey() function didn't cater for their params.

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For next It is not good practice to cache rows by your hands (your redeclare method)

Use something like this

$products = Products::find(array(
    "cache" => array("key" => "my-cache", "lifetime" => 300)


Thanks, implemented that now.