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Is this right,the work flow of using phalcon frame work to build a web site?

Hi guys,

Is this right, the work flow of using phalcon framework to build a web site?

  1. Install phalcon framework and config develop environment.
  2. Design and create html site.
  3. Creat database.
  4. Gernarate basic folders and files with Hierarchical relationship by devtools.
  5. Copy js img css file to public folder from html site .
  6. convert html page to volt one.
  7. ??

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My workflow is:

  1. Install Phalcon (duh)
  2. Create folder hirearchy (minimun: controllers/models/view/public folders, all empty)
  3. Generate DB scripts (CREATE TABLE/PROCEDURE/TRIGGER/etc) (I'll create a new folder where saving this files)
  4. Do a very simple 'Hello world!' to have a initial version of the project (without CSS/JS/etc).
  5. Go on. When you need to create something new (CSS, JS, PHP, controller, view, etc), create a folder (if you haven't for that type of files) and move inside your new files

About Volt, as you desire, I don't use it.


You don't use devtools?