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Criteria vs QueryBuilder


I'm trying to make universal grid. I'm setting data to grid by giving the criteria instance, examples:

        $criteria = Bendrijos::query();
        if (!$this->user->admin)
            $criteria->innerJoin('Usertobendr', 'ub.bendr_id = Bendrijos.id', 'ub')
                ->andWhere('ub.user_id = :id:')
                ->bind(array('id' => $this->user->id));

        $criteria = Users::query();


It is working at this moment, but I came to pagination task. I didn't checked before, so I have problem, because Phalcon\Paginator accepts only QueryBuilder instance.

  1. Is it possible somehow to workaround paginator to accept criteria as param?
  2. Actually querybuilder methods are similar to criteria, so I can use querybuilder instead of criteria, but how to get similar instance?:
Users::query() == $this->modelsManager->createBuilder()->from('Users')


Users::query() == $this->modelsManager->createBuilder()->from('Users')

Not === but similar:

$builder = $this->modelsManager->createBuilder()->from('Bendrijos')
if (!$this->user->admin)
    //You need to bind right when you do where/andWhere/etc
    $builder->innerJoin('Usertobendr', 'ub.bendr_id = Bendrijos.id', 'ub')
        ->andWhere('ub.user_id = :id:', array('id' => $this->user->id))

Plus you get the ability to groupBy() and use having() (I guess only for mysql)

One more thing. Why do we need the criteria at all? Why Model::query() cannot return query/builder instance?

I don't know, I've questioned myself some times ago: http://forum.phalcon.io/discussion/1479/multiple-joins-in-oo-notation-fail#C5783

It's not because Model::find() uses it because they use Builder: https://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon/blob/bf9da26e6e20ea05dd69881b9cd0c2536ec53bcb/ext/mvc/model.c#L1369

Still, it should be easier once Phalcon reach 2.0 to refactor Criteria out and use builder only

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