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HMVC request cross modules

I have checked this HMVC example:


It is good example on how to make HMVC request cross controller, but is it also possible to do the same in case of cross modules?

For example I'm in Module (A) - Controller (AC) - Action (ACN), and I need to make HMVC request to Module (B) - Controller (BC) - Action (BCN).

Is it possible using dispatcher? and should I register my modules first with their services and loaders?

Thank you


Al mult-module application does not share a dispatcher so you can't make HMVC requests between modules. I think you can move the shared functionality to user components and make them available using a common autoloader.

All of these functionality is shared between modules: https://github.com/phalcon/biko/tree/master/library/Biko, because both of them are using the same autoloader: https://github.com/phalcon/biko/blob/master/config/loader.php#L7

edited Aug '14

Actually I'm not thinking of moving shared functionality, I need each module to be independent and encapsulates specific functionalities so it could be reusable and called (Module as standalone service).

I already have implemented the idea of same autoloader for all modules, but now I'm thinking about one of the following to make HMVC request between modules:

  • Inside a module I will try to get another registered application module, then using that module dispatcher I could dispatch the action and controller I want.
  • I will try to assign the same dispatcher for every modules.

Thank you for your information and help, I appreciate any other help in this discussion.

Hi Hisham, also I need the same thing. Did you maybe find some solution ? Thanks

Hi Vladimir, Yes I found a solution, it is in the final touches, I will publish it as soon as I finish and test it. Thank you for your interest