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The Future of Phalcon

Hi All,

I justed wanted to know what your opinions are on the Future development of Phalcon, I have noticed that the blog has not been updated for 2 months now and on github there are more than 440 issues. I also noticed that the last time a commit has been done was on the 18th of June 2014.

Is Phalcon simply a fly by night PHP MVC framework? if so I'd be very dissapointed after all the hype and the time I have invested getting to know the framework. OR should I just learn from my experience and move on to a more stable PHP MVC framework with frequent updates, fixes etc.

Interested in hearing from the community what your thoughts are.

Kind Regards



I had heard that they were preparing v2 of Phalcon. Maybe that's the reason.


I also think so. They in the process for fine tuning Phalcon PHP V2

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The master branch is updated on new releases, look under 1.3.3 or 2.0.0 for recent commits:

Keep also in mind that it's summer as of this post....


Thanks for the comments guys, I will keep an eye on the development process.

@Chesney we are getting ready for 2.0 beta 2 which should be released shortly. So yeah it is not a fly by night framework :)

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Great! thanks @Nikolaos. I saw the post today. Do you plan to support MSSQL? I'm current using a vendor's MSSQL Driver. It works fine but there are some limitations like getting the last inserted ID ( select scope_identity() ).