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IIS7 run the website but takes me 500 error code

All is running , but has happened 500 error code when i use User::findFirst. The code like this:

$user = User::findFirst(array( 'username = :username: AND password = :password:', 'bind' => array('username' => $username, 'password' => $password) ));

The wrong code like this:

HTTP 错误 500.0 - Internal Server Error D:\Program Files\Php5.3\php-cgi.exe - FastCGI 进程意外退出


Hi, try using the latest PHP version 5.5.14. The latest version of phalcon works fine on php 5.5.14. Also, have you checked the php.ini file and enabled the modules phalcon depends on? You can also check the php error log for PHP specific errors.



i am sure it is ok the enviroment for phalcon,not all url response this error code,it will happen the error when post some data


Try enabling detailed errors in IIS site settings. They can be really helpful in cases like this. Also, have a look in your php error.log file.