Phosphorum - How to run?

Hi! I am very newbee for Phalcon. Yesterday, most of the time i played with Phalcon. it is so impressive. When i try to run Phosphorum, it showing error is Phosphorum\Controllers\IndexController handler class cannot be loaded

Let me explain how to resolve it. Thank You.


It meens u have not define the conroller called IndexController or you didnt load the Controllers,you can put your publc/index.php code on the page when you reply,may be i can find the error

Just like this:

if you have defined namespce,you can

$loader = new \Phalcon\Loader();
        'Brand\Models'      => $config->application->modelsDir,
        'Brand\Plugins'     => $config->application->pluginsDir,
        'Brand\Library'     => $config->application->libraryDir

or not,you can


Becasue i have create more modules for my project,so u can choose a better way to solve your problem

I just got Phosphorum working so I might be totally wrong with any advice I give.

Have you run "composer install" in the /forum/ directory. This will install the packages in composer.json and initialise the autoloader file with the location of files.

Have you set up app/config/config.php ... you have to copy the config.example.php to config.php and set up database settings and Urls etc