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Extending Phalcon Classes in Zephir

Hey guys, I was wondering if we could get an official response from someone on the zephir/phalcon team about extending phalcon classes in zephir. Theres a few threads on this already, but no official response. Is this something thats already possible, not possible but planned, or not going to be implemented? I've used a fork in the past that allows extending phalcon classes, but its many commits behind at this point:




It will probably implemented in a future release, however, this depends on the time we have to do, it is always possible for someone to submit a PR with this, we will be happy to merge it.

Looking at that issue in GitHub a user is awaiting your response @phalcon :-) https://github.com/phalcon/zephir/issues/304#issuecomment-51549142