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Paginator problem with the next page

I'm using phalcon version 1.3.1, i get problem with the Paginator in case the next page has only one item. When navigating to the page next to the last, i cannot go to the next page (the next page has only one item) instead it keeping the same page. Below is the value dumpped from the Paginator.

before: 1
current: 1
first: 1
items: Array[10]
last: 2
next: 1
total_items: 11
total_pages: 2

You can see here the current page is 1 and the next page is 1 too, but it totally has 2 pages.


Could you please update to 1.3.3?


I cann't update to version 1.3.3. I'm using ubuntu 14.04 and install through "apt-get install" so it only get the version 1.3.2. Is there any way to update to 1.3.3 with "apt-get install" ?