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Column 'storage' is not part of column map

Hey guys,

like the topic said, I've got a problem with a Model.

I developed my Site on my localhost with MAMP and everything just works as expected. Now I uploaded all files to my webhost and ex-/imported my database. And now on my webserver I get this error:

Column 'storage' is not part of the column map

And I don't know why, because I didn't change anything on my code or database. If I take a look into the Modelfile where this error comes from, everything is ok:

 * Independent Column Mapping.
public function columnMap()
    return array(
    'id' => 'id', 
    'name' => 'name', 
    'description' => 'description', 
    'att' => 'att', 
    'hp' => 'hp', 
    'shield' => 'shield', 
    'speed' => 'speed', 
    'storage' => 'storage',
    'sprit' => 'sprit', 
    'metal' => 'metal', 
    'silicium' => 'silicium'

I already restarted my apache and nginx, but the problem is still there.

Hope someone can help me to fix this.



What models meta-data adapter are you using?

Also, you can freely remove that column map from your model if you aren't renaming any column.

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I'm using

    use Phalcon\Mvc\Model\Metadata\Memory as MetaDataAdapter;

     * If the configuration specify the use of metadata adapter use it or use memory otherwise
    $di->set('modelsMetadata', function () {
    return new MetaDataAdapter();

I commented column map out. Still the same error..


Found out that this request produces the error, but I don't know why.

        $ships = Ships::find(array(
            'id > 10'
            /*'cache' => array(
                'key' => 'attships',
                'lifetime' => 86400

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Isn't this a bug? I experienced the same thing today.

It is maybe a caching problem. Strange behaviour. Sometimes it fixes it self. Sometimes you try it few hours later and everything works, or you generate the model again


I'm glad I found this post. I needed a sanity check.